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    Diamonds certainly are forever – the hardest substance known to man, and also the most beautiful. Diamonds are as much of a science as an art – it makes sense that you want to ensure that you are buying exactly the right diamond for you.

    Whether your diamond engagement ring will be nothing but a shining moon orbiting the beauty of your future wife; whether you want diamond earrings that sparkle as you flick your hair, or you love the flash of a diamond bracelet while reaching for your champagne, you’ll find information on choices for every taste, budget and style at Diamond Connoisseurs.

    Guide to Buying Diamonds and Jewellery

    Diamond Connoisseurs weighs up the cut, colour, clarity and colour of a huge range of diamond stores and their collections for you.

    • You’ll be delighted to find sources for diamond pendants for everyday wear that are within your budget, as well as unique pieces that have never graced a décolletage before.
    • Diamond rings need to be sturdy as well as sweet and special – we bring you stores that sell the best.
    • The cool luxury of a diamond necklace doesn’t need to blow your budget – we’ve assembled a range of stores that stock the inexpensive to the lavishly iridescent.
    • Men are coming to love the glint of diamond jewellery, and the way it accents their features just as much as women, and we incorporate a special section for men’s diamond jewellery.

    For those of you feeling overwhelmed by the science of a diamond, we also present all that you need to know in our Diamond Buyer’s Guide.